Energy and Environment

Embracing energy and the environment.

Energy and Environment Doncaster

The Energy and Environment sector is fast becoming one of prominence and unrivalled importance in Doncaster and across the wider economy.

It provides the foundation for sustainable development and is constantly changing in line with developing technologies, policies and markets.

Doncaster wants clean and efficient energy along with the jobs and investment that brings

The sector is inclusive of energy generation and use, renewable energy, emerging low carbon energy technologies and environmental goods and services and is expected to grow further as the demand for renewable and innovative forms of energy generation increase in line with policy and targets.

Revolutionary changes in the way energy needs are met are inevitable, which brings with it a wealth of opportunity and we want to ensure Doncaster is ready and capable of maximising its potential.

The sector includes:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy generation and use
  • Energy storage
  • Low carbon energy and technologies
  • Environmental goods and services

And at the same time provides:

  • Opportunities for creating jobs for a sustainable economy
  • Resource efficiency
  • Driving the low carbon, low waste agenda

Doncaster’s past history of mining combined with its importance within the national rail sector has equipped the town with great connectivity enabling large volumes of material to be moved in a low carbon manner providing generators with easy access to grid connection points.

Project Unity

Project Unity

Project Unity is a long term two phase mixed use scheme which consists of Unity Life, Unity Living, Unity Connect, Unity Link, Unity Energy and Unity Town, on a site approaching nearly 500 acres. This scheme is due to be complete in 2035.

“Hatfield Power Park will provide opportunities and synergies for industries and technologies with operational requirements that cannot be served from a more traditional business and industry park” Stuart McLoughlin Managing Director, Waystone Limited.

So, what can Unity Energy offer?

The development has planning permission for B1, B2 and B8 uses covering 88 acres (excluding the Colliery and Power Station) and will provide highway and environmental improvements to the area alongside the development of a planned rail terminal.

For more information contact Mark Loraine

Last updated: 16 March 2021, 08:49