BOC, supported by Herose UK, wins Royal Academy of Engineering Award

BOC — a member of the Linde Group and supported by Doncaster-based business Herose — were the recent recipients of an award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. The President’s Special Awards for Pandemic service was given to BOC for their critical work during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As doctors and scientists raced to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, and government regulations were put in place to try and contain it, BOC’s Customer Engineering Services (CES) worked tirelessly to support oxygen supply schemes in hospitals around the country. BOC engineers were also responsible for installing oxygen systems across six Nightingale centres including ExCeL London; the size of 14 typical hospitals, the ExCeL Nightingale hospital required a bespoke oxygen system.

As a major supplier of oxygen modular packages to BOC, Herose UK had a pivotal role in the success of this project during uniquely challenging times.

Barry Stewart, General Manager of Herose UK says: “The work that was done by BOC during the pandemic was phenomenal — and the rate at which it was completed seems inconceivable now. There was a huge amount of work completed, not only at the ExCeL centre, but at established hospitals that quickly needed to upgrade the supply that they could provide.

“We’re extremely proud of our working relationship with BOC and the part our team played supplying the equipment they needed to support frontline NHS workers and meet operational demand.”

Tim Mottershead of BOC says: “Herose UK were one of our key suppliers, working to help us face this challenge to increase oxygen supply to meet demand; not just for the first wave, but the potential of ones to come. The modular assemblies that Herose UK supply helped support rapid upgrades of existing hospital systems as well as the Nightingale hospitals. Working closely with Barry at Herose UK, we were able to develop a very high flow system to be able to feed oxygen to the hospital on the ExCeL Centre within days. Herose UK were incredibly proactive and one of the suppliers that were pivotal in our work, which resulted in this award from the Royal Academy of Engineering.”

The lasting impact of this project will continue beyond the award; today, Herose UK is working with BOC to upgrade medical panel systems in hospitals across the UK.

Keith Stewart of Herose UK says: “This award has been given by the Royal Academy of Engineering for what has been achieved so far; but it’s important to us that our investment and effort goes into ensuring that we can respond to similar improvements in the future.

He adds: “We’re 100 percent committed on the development of these products as part of this project with BOC, and continuing to support their work as this pandemic evolves.”

The medical module packages supplied to BOC for this project are just one of the many exceptional engineered solutions that Herose UK can provide to the Linde Group worldwide.


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