Cable supplier achieves growth while reducing emissions

Doncaster-based Eland Cables, a supplier of electrical cable suppliers to critical infrastructure, has reported a reduction in carbon emissions while achieving business growth.

The company has reported a 7.4 per cent reduction in emissions for the calendar year 2022, achieved through internal operations actions and wider supply chain changes.

The result means it is on-track to achieve its near-term carbon reduction targets under the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) – and its long-term Net Zero goal.

The reduction in emissions was achieved while also recording annual growth of more than 23.5 per cent.

During 2022, Eland Cables fitted PV solar panels at its operations sites to generate as much electricity it uses annually, in addition to adapting its HGV fleet by switching from diesel to sustainable HVO biofuel, and introducing EV vans. 

The company also became zero-landfill waste operations sites, opening its own cable recycling facility, and turning any non-recyclable materials (including floor sweepings) into biofuel pellets for industrial kilns.

Jean-Sébastien Pelland, executive director at Eland Cables, said: "With sustainability a key driver in major projects, our substantial investment shows our staff and customers that we're committed to leading the way in our industry, accurately reporting and reducing our carbon emissions.

"We've taken actions that make sense commercially but also ethically at a time that we're all conscious of our environmental impact, and the world we leave behind. Our mission is to be able to make a positive contribution is something we can be proud of and pushes us to do ever more."

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