Doncaster Based Start-Up Shaking Up Buy Now Pay Later

The founder of Yorkshire-based fintech disruptor AppToPay says his platform is now ready to take on the ‘buy-now, pay-later‘giants after a successful startup period.

AppToPay allows UK consumers to spread the cost of purchases made in their favourite retail stories over a period of time to suit their needs and budget – at no extra cost.

Offering interest free repayments and typically used to fund higher-priced items, the platform combines the spend ease of a credit card with the structured repayment of a loan.

Its founder, Doncaster’s James Jones, says “We’ve built the whole platform in house from scratch and self-funded the development and lending, putting our money where our mouth is to demonstrate the system works correctly before looking to partner with established lenders.”

AppToPay has been piloted in James’ own high-end retailer Robinsons of Bawtry, with impressive results. The average transaction spend increased by 300% compared to non-AppToPay funded purchases and the retailer has seen an increase in the number of new consumers to the shop.

With the amount of people signing up to use the app doubling month on month, AppToPay is set for exponential growth in 2021 and beyond.

James said: “I wanted to create a payment solution that gave consumers the best aspects of the most popular forms of payment, combining the spend ease of a credit card with the structured repayments of a loan. We’re allowing people to split a purchase into affordable monthly payments without incurring additional costs.

“It’s been a long journey, taking the concept from an idea put down on post-it notes, right up to where we are now with a fully automated platform that handles everything from credit applications, transactions, account management and repayment collections.

“Consumers that have switched to the service already are loving it. We’re getting great feedback from our users and lots of them are on their second, third or even seventh transaction with AppToPay.”

Having recently celebrated its second birthday, James says AppToPay is ready to go to the next level.

He added: “We’ve proven the concept and that the technology we’ve built works, we’re now looking to partner with an established retail finance provider to expand our network of retailers and bring AppToPay to the masses, harnessing their lending power with our technical expertise.”

“The AppToPay platform aims to become a split payment shopping hub with a retailer directory, allowing consumers to search within the app to see where they can buy anything they want on the payment terms which we know they want.”

“An ideal partnership would be such that the established lender would handle their own credit approval process and AppToPay would be the platform on which transactions and ongoing account management take place.”

“This gives the consumer instant access to credit that they can use in any of that lenders network of retailers without the need for additional credit checks and tedious traditional retail finance transactions.”

James is available for contact via LinkedIn or via the AppToPay contact page.


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