Doncaster becomes one of UK's newest cities

Doncaster has won city status as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

After an incredible bid with support from residents and businesses across the borough and the region, Doncaster was given the honour along with 7 other locations.

The Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition required applicants to demonstrate how their unique communities and distinct local identity meant they deserved to be awarded city status.

They were also required to highlight their royal associations and cultural heritage.

Team Doncaster, which is made up of the main public sector organisations and businesses across the borough, put the city status bid together to showcase the pride in Doncaster, its achievements, its future aspirations and to outline why the borough should be given this accolade.

Mayor Ros Jones said “This is brilliant news for Doncaster. I am utterly delighted that our borough has been recognised in this way as part of the Queen’s Platinum jubilee.

“To become one of the UK’s newest cities underlines our firmly held belief that we think, act and feel like a city. I’ve said for a long time that we are a city in all but name and now we can proudly say that Doncaster has achieved city status.

“This royal seal of approval will mean we can continue with our vision to drive our borough forward and realise our aspirations. Being a city will help boost the profile of Doncaster on many different levels from attracting new and growing business, underlining Doncaster as a tourist destination, upping our role on the national stage and giving us a stronger voice.

"I would like to personally thank Dan Fell the Chief Executive of Doncaster Chamber for his leadership of this bid, and proof of what we can achieve when we work together across the Team Doncaster partnership.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported our bid across Doncaster and who, like us in Team Doncaster, want Doncaster to be recognised for how far we have come and our exciting future ahead.

Congratulations too from Doncaster to all of the other city status winners".

Keep a lookout on social media for more reaction with #WeGotItDN and get involved.


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