Doncaster Business Conference To Connect Local Firms and Politicians

Doncaster Chamber’s popular business conference will be returning in May, giving local business leaders a chance to air their views.

Doncaster Chamber’s popular business conference will be returning in May, giving local business leaders a chance to air their views about the challenges that are facing them, to engage with politicians and to get involved with exciting conversations about our borough’s future.

Titled “Doncaster, What’s Next?”, the event — organised by Doncaster Chamber of Commerce — is specifically themed around the next few years for the borough and where it will be in 2030 and beyond. In addition to plenty of networking opportunities, there will also be a number of exciting discussions taking place here about how the borough can go further and be faster when it comes to creating economic growth and developing its reputation as a great place to do business.

Capped at 120 attendees, the conference will feature representation from various Doncaster businesses, as well as local, regional and national decision makers. This will enable a high-level discussion to take place amongst those who not only have a huge sway within the borough itself, but also the wider region, and who can enact meaningful change. In turn, this will all feed directly into Doncaster’s new Economic Strategy, and will be instrumental in shaping the next few years for Doncaster’s business communities.

The programme for Doncaster, What’s Next? includes thought provoking speeches from national leaders such as Shevaun Haviland, the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce as well influential local figures like Damian Allen, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster and Nick Fletcher MP.  These speakers will share their vision for levelling up Doncaster in the future.

More importantly, delegates will hear directly from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs about what they believe is needed for Doncaster to deliver a step change in its economic output.  Here, attendees will have a chance to ask questions and engage with representatives from the likes of Hybrid Air Vehicles, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, SYNETIQ, NCM Auctions, Unity and the South Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Speaking about the conference, Dan Fell, CEO of Doncaster Chamber, said: “Much has been achieved in Doncaster over the last decade and the borough has achieved a hard-won reputation as a good place to do business.  The reality is that whilst we have achieved much for our economy, it is from a very low base and – against a number of metrics – our economy performs well below national averages. 

“There is much to do, and we must therefore continue to raise our ambitions for the Borough and its communities.  This landmark event is an opportunity for the private sector to get its voice heard and to contribute ideas that will shape the local economy for the next decade and beyond.”

Sponsored by Unipart, the conference will take place on Thursday, 26 May. It will be held in the Unipart Innovation Centre in Balby Carr and will start at 8 a.m., before concluding at 1 p.m. with a light lunch and networking event. More information can be found here on the Doncaster Chamber website.


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