Doncaster businesses must pull together for roadmap to work

Doncaster businesses must pull together to reduce the borough’s Covid-19 rate and allow the government’s roadmap out of national restrictions to work.

That’s the call from Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health at Doncaster Council, who is urging businesses to ‘play their part’ in reducing Doncaster’s Covid-19 levels.

Dr Suckling, said: “Despite the optimism that the government’s roadmap out of lockdown has brought with it, it is important to remember our rates are still relatively high and so we are still some way off from a return to normality. Businesses have a critical part to play in helping us get out of this sooner rather than later.

“We know that over 90 percent of our cases here in Doncaster are the ‘Kent’ variant, which has been proven to spread faster. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that businesses which are able to remain open have strict Covid-secure measures in place if we want to see our rates fall in the coming weeks.

“These measures include introducing regular testing for employees, clamping down on car sharing, reviewing and enforcing social distancing measures and, importantly, supporting employees who need to self-isolate.

“Businesses have a responsibility to play their part and help drive down Doncaster’s Coronavirus rate enough for the roadmap to work.

“We all want to get back to some sort of normality and the business community can really help speed this process up in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Access to testing is available for all businesses in Doncaster, either through the national testing system or locally.

Financial support is also available for employees that have to self-isolate. To help with this, the Mayor’s plan introduces an additional discretionary payment of £250 (with a limit of £500 per household) for residents who have to stay at home and self-isolate. This is on top of the government’s self-isolation payment and is for those who apply in the same way and are eligible. Further information is available here:

For further information about the support available to businesses, please visit:


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