Doncaster businesses start to receive Government Restart Grant

Doncaster businesses eligible for the Government’s Restart Grant have started to receive their payments, Doncaster Council has confirmed.

Eligible non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation and leisure businesses should see the money in their bank accounts within 3 – 5 working days of the payments being made last week. Businesses will be paid automatically, if known to be eligible.

Grant payments totalling £14.1m have been paid to over 2,000 Doncaster businesses and Doncaster Council staff are once again working extremely hard to ensure that payments are made quickly given some are open from 12th April.

The Restart Grant is being distributed in two strands based on a businesses’ rateable value:

  • Up to £6,000 for businesses in the non-essential retail sector
  • Up to £18,000 for businesses in the hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym sector

Sheffield City Region has also agreed a further payment to support Supply Chain businesses. This additional payment has been made at the same time to 112 eligible businesses, a total sum of £222,264.00.  

In addition, Sheffield City Region has agreed a further payment to support businesses in the same categories but not registered to pay business rates,  these additional payments mirror the scheme and amounts offered under the Government's Restart Grant scheme. These grants will be automatically paid to already known eligible businesses.  

This payment will be made as soon as possible this week.

As the remaining ARG schemes are awarded from limited funding allocated to Sheffield City Region (SCR), we cannot confirm if any further schemes will also be extended.

If your business still falls through the cracks of government schemes, please contact


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