Doncaster Chamber Calls for People to Reinvest the Doncaster Pound

As the high street starts to re-open, Doncaster Chamber is urging communities and businesses to shop local and support the Doncaster economy.

Chamber CEO, Dan Fell said: “Covid-19 has irrefutably demonstrated just how much businesses need communities and how much communities need businesses, and I would encourage people to shop local whenever they can as a way of helping the economy recover. “Similarly, given the global impact of Covid-19 and the huge disruption it has caused to international supply chains, I would also encourage the region’s larger organisations to think about how they can engage more closely with Doncaster’s SME community and buy locally wherever they can. This will not only help to re-boot the local economy but also increase Doncaster’s resilience to future large scale economic shocks.” There is much that the Chamber, and its partners, will be asking Government to do in the coming weeks and months to rebuild the economy. Ongoing work will include introducing new packages of support to assist those businesses that cannot operate under existing social distancing rules and who cannot safely re-open for the foreseeable future. In tandem with lobbying Government, the Chamber is also urging the borough’s businesses and people to do what they can to support themselves and each other, and has launched a #doingitfordoncaster campaign.


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