Doncaster Chamber launches Doncaster Reimagined workshops

Doncaster Chamber has launched a series of workshops to catalyse discussion and debate among the private sector that will generate new ideas to support Doncaster’s economic recovery in a post-Covid 19 world.

The Doncaster Reimagined workshops welcome big ideas on themes including the future of arts and culture, the low carbon agenda and Doncaster’s connectivity to name a few.

Ideas generated will be fed back to Team Doncaster partners to support the implementation of the economic recovery plans developed by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and the Sheffield City Region.

Commenting on the new workshops, Doncaster Chamber CEO Dan Fell said:

“The Chamber’s partners in the public sector have been working hard in recent months on economic recovery plans for Doncaster and South Yorkshire. These strategic plans – which will protect jobs and, in the mid-term, allow the region to build back better – are robust and enthusiastically supported by the Chamber.

“However, as strong as our partners’ strategic plans are, we think it is also imperative that the private sector demonstrates thought leadership and helps to create new ideas and innovations that will support the implementation of the region’s recovery ambitions. That is why we have established a short series of ‘Doncaster Reimagined’ workshops to stimulate debate amongst businesses and to generate bold new ideas to protect and grow Doncaster’s economy.

“Emerging ideas relate to bold new infrastructure projects, improved education, and opportunities for Doncaster to lead on the low carbon agenda. We hope that subsequent sessions stimulate more innovative ideas that we can share with our partners and list alongside established projects, such as a new hospital and Gateway East rail, as transformative projects designed to get our economy back on its feet following the devastating impact of Covid-19”.

The Chamber has consistently urged national Government to further support the economic recovery by stimulating demand and providing additional safety nets for businesses that cannot yet reopen safely or profitably. The Chamber is now looking for solutions closer to home and encouraging the business community to identify opportunities that can catalyse growth in Doncaster. The second Doncaster Reimagined workshop takes place on Thursday 17th September and the Chamber encourages members and non-members to bring forward their big ideas to help shape recovery plans for the future of the borough.


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