Doncaster company shares in Government funding to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions

Ardagh Group is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging for brand owners around the world.

The Doncaster branch has been successful in sharing in a pot of government funding that is set to reduce their energy costs and cut carbon emissions.

The company is receiving £1.7 million for their Doncaster Efficient Furnace Project, which will develop a brand-new container glass production furnace at the facility.

The money will be used to help clean up their manufacturing processes and improve their energy efficiency and will come from the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund designed to support businesses using high amounts of energy to reduce their fossil fuel using innovative low-carbon technologies. This will help companies save on their energy costs, which in turn will safeguard British jobs and help grow the economy – one of the government’s five priorities.

Greg Methven, UK Operations Director at Ardagh Glass said: “Our Efficient Furnace project will improve efficiency at the facility while reducing its carbon footprint. The grant support provided has been a key enabler in upgrading the project from a standard cross-fired furnace to more energy efficient end-fired furnace technology.”

Minister for Energy Efficiency Lord Callanan said: “We are leading the world in reaching net zero, having cut emissions by over 44% since 1990 – but to keep up this progress and achieve our green goals, we’ve got to transform our industrial sectors, as some of the industries most critical to our economy are also those with the highest emissions.

“We’re backing them with government funding to use the latest technologies to cut their emissions and their reliance on fossil fuels – helping to future-proof these industries as we grow our green economy.”

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