Doncaster firm, Burhouse Construction Ltd, offers cash bursary to children

The Doncaster based firm is offering a cash bursary to children aged 5-16 to participate in something which financial constraints make it difficult or impossible to be included in.

Burhouse Construction Ltd based at Hayfield Business Park, Auckley, has launched the bursary which is aimed at providing financial support to school age children (age 5-16) from their catchment area to provide opportunities for them to participate in something for which financial constraints make it difficult or not possible.

Spokesman Greg Houseman explained: “We undertake a lot of work in schools and are fully funding the initiative ourselves in order to give something back to those who deserve it the most.

"It can be used for almost anything but must be linked to an aspirational task, hobby or activity such as sports, performing arts, academics or an inability to be able to do something due to their current situation/capability.

"We are opening our applications on the 26th February and will close applications on the 14th April with an eventual awards evening taking place in Doncaster on the evening of 12th July.

"Applicants will need to submit a minute video telling us who they are, what they want grant funding for and what they hope to achieve should the grant be issued to them. All applications will need to be accompanied by a parental/guardian consent form.”

Examples of how this can be used are shown below.

Jasmine is 11 years old and enjoys dancing attending classes multiple times per week. Her dance school are undertaking a show to be performed in a prestigious London theatre however each pupil must contribute to the cost of outfits for the show and cost of accommodation and travel to be able to participate. The cost of the trip and costumes is £500. Without this support, Jasmine would likely not be able to participate.

Imran is 14 years old and shows excellent academic capability and would like to undertake additional studies in his own time. Imran has identified a course in a field that he has a keen interest in. The cost of the course is £2,000 however Imran and his family are unable to fund this themselves.

For more information visit Burhouse Construction

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