Doncaster firm wins innovation title at regional manufacturing awards

A Doncaster company has been recognised for its innovation at this year’s Make UK Manufacturing Awards.

Agemaspark, a precision engineering company, won the award for Innovation at the prestigious award ceremony in Harrogate.

Paul Stockhill, managing director of Agemaspark said: “We were absolutely thrilled to be recognised for our innovative approach at this year’s regional Make UK Manufacturing Awards.

“Our team are dedicated to finding innovative solutions and have developed a new technique over several years to improve the efficiency of a mould tool by as much as 20 percent and invested in a 3D metal printing machine to create the tools.

“We have put our new and pioneering 3D metal printing technique into practice, resulting in major reductions in cycle times for multi-impression mould tools.

“Innovation is vitally important to our business, we recognise the issues that companies face and the need for them to reduce their environmental impact while increasing efficiency and productivity and we can only do this by developing new, more efficient ways of working.”

The company has recently completed extensive trials on conformal cooling of multi-impression plastic injection mould tools and is working with companies across Yorkshire using the technique to produce their components helping its customer to comply with new EU regulations.

The benefits resulting from trials on Agemaspark’s mould tools show that they save time and money for business, but also reduce their environmental impact.

Paul added: “Winning this award and being recognised for our innovative approach will be a real boost to the team and will help us to showcase this improved way of working to customers in many different sectors.”

Agemaspark is pioneering this new ground-breaking process as it will offer new innovative ways to make intricate inserts that can be processed with cooling not currently possible without using expensive heat transfer materials.

Almost 3 million people work in the manufacturing sector in Britain and deliver almost half of all UK exports.

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