Doncaster fish stall expands despite lockdown

The Gentleman Fishmonger is the rebrand of Martyns famous fish stall, a business started by Martyn Pippard on Doncaster market some 30 years ago. The business focuses on providing the finest fish from the UK and abroad supplying the general public and restaurants attracting customers from as far afield as Chesterfield, Leeds and Nottingham.

Martyn a master of his trade, begins his working day most days up at 3am, travelling to either Grimsby docks, Manchester, Birmingham and Billingsgate, up to 4 times a week to handpick fresh crab, seafood and a wide variety of fish.

The stall is located in the heart of Doncaster fish market at stalls 11 and 12. During the coronavirus pandemic, the business remained open supplying the local community that in turn brought them an influx of orders and new customers, which has urged them to expand the business and their workforce.         

At the start of 2020, the business was just Martyn and one part-time junior member of staff; now they employ a further five team members of varying ages and are focused on training and hiring local people. Employees are now starting to enrol in award-winning training courses and competitions.

Doncaster market is a true quality market, a historical market, in a fine building and The Gentleman Fishmonger is incredibly proud to have been a part of it for so long.

Recently The Gentleman Fishmonger has brought two slogans to the fore ‘ The Finest Market In The North’ & ‘Put The Finest  Fish On Your Fork’ - you may be hearing these soon and more often than you realise as The Gentleman Fishmonger enters into Radio Advertising.

For further information, please visit their Facebook page: their fresh produce, recipes you can create and regular morning trips to the docks to collect the fish or call 07488 808881.


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