Doncaster Pharmaceuticals continues operating after being snapped up by new owner

BModesto is now relaunching the wholesaler under the name of Doncaster Pharma Limited

A UK wholesaler that had previously filed for administration will continue to serve pharmacies under a new name, following the announcement that Dutch pharmaceutical wholesaler BModesto Group has purchased its business and assets.

Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited, Testerworld Limited, and Eclipse Generics Limited – which together served about 4,000 pharmacies in the UK – “ceased to trade with immediate effect” in May.

The American consulting firm Krollwas appointed to oversee the process of administration. 

However, Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited will continue to serve UK pharmacies now that the BModesto Group has purchased some of its assets, the Dutch wholesaler wrote in a statement yesterday (August 30).

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These include “several experienced staff members, warehousing facilities and all product licenses for the importation of prescription pharmaceuticals from European Union member states that were licensed under Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited, B.R. Lewis Pharmaceuticals Limited and Landmark Pharma Limited”.

BModesto is now relaunching the wholesaler under the name of Doncaster Pharma Limited.

C+D has asked BModesto how many people from Doncaster Pharmaceutical Group Limited it will keep on its payroll and how many pharmacies in the UK it is expected to serve.

Commenting on the acquisition, BModesto Group general director Michael Hendriks said: “The acquisition fits perfectly with our mission to improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines around the world.”

With the integration of the Doncaster Pharma Limited business and its warehouses in the UK, the BModesto Group can “facilitate storage and distribution” for its businesses in the Netherlands and Germany, too, Mr Hendriks added.

C+D has approached the Kroll for an update on Testerworld Limited and Eclipse Generics Limited.

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