Doncaster UTC wins award for - University Technical College of the Year - UK

Doncaster University Technical College are proud to announce winners of the Prestige awards category, University Technical College of the Year – UK.

Feedback from the Prestige Award judges:
"Our judges can see the organisation is still only a few years old however in a short period of time has established a huge number of relationships with organisations and employers in the region to help create opportunities for young people. As you are employer-led, we can see this gives students so many more beneficial experiences than other colleges. We appreciate you focus on developing the employability skills of students and giving them the skills and knowledge to tackle real world roles.

Our team went through your social media accounts to review the various employer engagement activities you have created which is clearly a huge motivator for students. The judges commented it is nice to see an institution making learning exciting for young people and enabling them to see the real benefits and enjoyable they can obtain from an industry. You have clearly been thinking outside of the box to provide a vast number of opportunities that we couldn’t see from other entries in this category.

It’s nice to see the facilities and teaching praised by students and parents and the fact that you have exceeded people’s expectations. It’s sounds like a really exciting time for the organisation and the students and I’m pleased to share the good news. "

All winners will be highlighted in the annual 2022/23 Innovation & Excellence publication available from October. The publication will be available in print and digital formats and full of interviews, features and industry insights as well as full details on this year’s winners. 


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