Doncaster’s new Covid-19 vaccination centre at Lakeside Village helps to boost town’s vaccination programme

In a bid to get even more people in Doncaster vaccinated a new Covid-19 vaccination centre has been set up at Lakeside Village Outlet Shopping.

The centre is open as a drop in to Doncaster residents, also offering some pre-booked appointments to registered patients within the Central PCN, it will be operational over the next few months. Opening initially at weekends, this will soon expand to include mid-week sessions with an aim to also offer flu jabs in the near future where you are unable to attend a convenient appointment at your practice.

Di Rodgers, centre manager at Lakeside Village said: “We are really pleased to be able to host a vaccination centre on site at Lakeside Village.

“We know that convenience plays a big part in people coming to get the jab and as we offer free parking, and the centre is within an easy walk of the car park it means that it is hassle free for many.

“For people travelling on public transport, we have regular bus services dropping off and picking up at the centre and we are within walking distance of lots of business premises, enabling employees to pop out and get the vaccination during their working day.”

Dr K Mansfield, Clinical Director said on behalf of the Central PCN “Our aim is to vaccinate as many people as possible and we feel that taking the vaccine out into easy to reach locations will help to encourage people to come forward.

“We have had a good uptake of the vaccine across Doncaster and we hope that additional sites will enable us to reach members of the community who have not yet accessed the vaccination. I would like to thank Primary Care Doncaster and Doncaster CCG for their continued support in the delivery of the vaccine programme across Doncaster.”

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