Eco Driver Training helps improve fuel efficiency

Doncaster Council and Barnsley MBC have developed a free online eco-driving module that aims to help improve air quality by making your drivers safer and provide up to date knowledge on how to get the very best fuel economy.

The benefits to your organisation are:

  • Ability to demonstrate that your drivers have received appropriate driver training that better enables them to identify speed limits, safe following distances and improve hazard perception skills.
  • Promote your green credentials by being actively involved in improving local air quality.
  • Reduction in fuel and maintenance costs if your drivers implement eco-driving techniques.

The above can be achieved by improving your drivers’ ability to:

  • Recognise the benefits of eco-driving for themselves and others.
  • Implement eco-driving techniques that will reduce traffic emissions and improve air quality.                                                                   

The driver works through several interactive video-based tasks that generate feedback on their current driving style. The module focuses on speed, following distances and hazard perception skills and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. 

The online module is free to organisations in the Barnsley and Doncaster areas and available from March 2021.

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