Energise Energy Solutions set to open further offices in Doncaster

One of the UKs leading providers in EV Charging, Smart and Renewables Installations, Energise Energy Solutions, has announced that they will be officially opening their new offices in the heart of Doncaster as part of its plans to expand its operations on Friday, 26 November 2021.

The new offices, which will include on-site EV charging, will be the second office space for the business, following its first opening of the Auckley-based Office and Warehouse in September 2018.
To mark the occasion, ​​Mayor Ros Jones, will be joining the EES team in a ribbon cutting ceremony on the day between 12-1pm.
EES will continue to offer its services to commercial and domestic customers for EV Charging, and Smart Metering, as well as expanding its operations to cover more UK areas and Renewable Energy.
“We are honoured to have Mayor Ros Jones, an advocate for climate change in Doncaster, joining us again on this special occasion. Since the opening of our Office and Warehouse in Auckley by the Mayor in September, 2018, the business has grown from strength to strength and we are delighted to be sharing this moment of achievement with her.”
“The opening of the new offices in the centre of Doncaster is an important step towards growing the business and ensuring we can continue to support our customers now and in the future. In the last year we have worked on multiple national commercial projects and continue to build key strategic partnerships in the global campaign to reach Net Zero and Energise the nation’s EV’s.
Our newly established in-house Groundworks Team allows us to provide a full turnkey solution for installations, offering greater flexibility and control to the customer saving time and reducing costs. Looking ahead, the new office space will be the first of many important changes for the company in 2022” said Bevan Butcher, Director and co-owner.
The market share of electric vehicles grew to 15.2% in September 2021, with 32,721 EV’s joining the road. These figures clearly reflect the growing consumer appetite for EV cars and with this comes the challenge of ensuring there is enough public charging infrastructure to support the demand.
The new office space will operate primarily to handle the operational support for customers, as well as expanding to keep up with growing demand.
The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) also announced big changes to funding grants in 2022, offering additional and/ or new support to workplaces, SME’s, B&B’s and Private Accommodation providers. 

“At Energise Energy Solutions we never stand still - being an agile organisation ensures that the products and services we offer are in line with the changes in the sector, which is why we are used by some of the largest energy and EV Charger providers in the UK, including Octopus Energy. In the next year we will also be expanding our portfolio in self-sufficient energy supply for homes and businesses, with a new range of Renewable Energy services launching in the new year” added Bevan

The team at Business Doncaster have worked closely with Energise Energy Solutions since 2018, providing ongoing business support including assistance with finding the right location and property to enable this expansion to happen.

For further information please visit: https://www.energise.energy/


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