Export Business Acquires Prominent Doncaster Site

Universal Trading Services Ltd (UTSL) has acquired a former bakery head office site in Doncaster to support expansion plans.

The Wheatley Mills site was part of the head office and bakery of Cooplands Doncaster, prior to its purchase by a developer in 2015.

UTSL has been operating for 13 years serving the oil, gas, petrochemical and other allied industries worldwide. The business, under guidance of its international parent company, exports good of British origin goods to the energy industry worldwide.

The acquisition will enable the company to solidify its partnerships with international clients and operate at a larger scale to meet growing business intake.

A Rauf Nathani, managing director of UTSL, said: "Besides meeting our existing operational needs, we are looking to accelerate our deployment of capital and diversify into other local and export business segments.

"Our strategy is to invest and rehabilitate the acquired unit into modern multi-dimensional businesses and industrial park which will create dozens of direct and indirect jobs in Doncaster as well as earn valuable foreign exchange."

The multimillion-pound foreign investment of UTSL, despite Brexit and the pandemic, once again highlights the promising opportunities in Doncaster and the ambition of the Doncaster business community.


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