FREE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Electrical (WEEE) Recycling Service

Enviro Electronics recycles everything electrical from laptops and telephone systems to toasters and microwaves for thousands of private and public sector organisations.

Enviro Electronics is a WEEE recycling business based in Doncaster. The business delivers a sustainable, End to End WEEE disposal service completely FREE of charge; recycling everything electrical from laptops and telephone systems to toasters and microwaves for thousands of private and public sector organisations.

When the business came under new management in 2021, also came a change in ethos with concern about climate change and its impact on the planet being a key driver. Doncaster hopes to be carbon neutral by 2040: a full 10 years ahead of the national target.

The UK generates 23.9 kg per capita of e-waste per year (Global E-waste Monitor report 2020) and most of this ends up in landfill. “Our aim at Enviro Electronics is to make WEEE recycling simple and more accessible for businesses in order to help reduce the impact of disposal on our environment.” Amelia Banful told us.

“We arrange collections of all types of electrical and electronic waste and provide collection containers with no restriction on volumes. Our customers do not need to pre-sort the waste or label it prior to collection. Once the waste is collected and processed, we send the customer an asset report along with a data destruction certificate for any data bearing devices that require shredding or otherwise. This service is completely free of charge.” Amelia said.

The business has doubled in size since 2021 and now employs 35 people. Starting off in a single 7,000 sq. ft. unit, they soon had to move to a larger 15,000 sq. ft. site with a bespoke set up that enabled more efficient operations.

 “We have a fantastic team who believe that to effectively promote sustainability, we should be operating sustainably ourselves. They worked tirelessly in setting up the new premises with 75% of the fixtures and fittings derived from recycled or reclaimed material. Approximately 80% of their own equipment (tables, printers, PCs etc.) comes from recycled stock. Moving from a paper-based system to an electronic booking system helped improve efficiencies considerably and we’ve set up a unique supply chain which enables us to source recycled products for use in our processes” Amelia continued.

The team at Enviro Electronics is extremely focused and committed to seeing an increase in the levels of WEEE recycled in Doncaster. “One of the biggest challenges facing us is that, despite the set-up we have put in place to make recycling very simple and costless for businesses, many don’t realise we are right on their doorstep. We are calling for businesses especially Doncaster, South Yorkshire and surrounding areas to work with us so we can reduce the impact on our environment and deliver some positive results for our city.” Amelia concluded.

Enviro Electronics worked tirelessly with one of their key customers to develop a more sustainable set-up, which led to them relocating from Birmingham to Doncaster. This dramatically reduced their customer’s carbon footprint and created employment opportunities in Doncaster.

Enviro Electronics plan to help more businesses in Doncaster and beyond to operate more sustainably by offering free recycling. They are continuously working with businesses to educate them on what can be recycled and how it can be done at minimum cost.

The business works hard to support the local community with representatives going  into schools to educate students on the impacts of climate, why recycling is important and how they can make simple changes to how they treat waste.

Working closely with Doncaster Deaf Trust, the business provides ongoing work experience opportunities for their students as well as donating educational devices. They are also working with Doncaster Council in supporting the digitally poor and are in discussions with the Refugee Council to look at how they can collaborate in setting up learning support hubs for refugee families.

In 2022, Enviro Electronics won the Yorkshire Prestige Awards 22/23 claiming the ‘Electronic Waste Specialist of the Year’ title and won ‘Green Business of the Year’ at the Doncaster Chamber Awards 2022.  In 2023 the business was named “Electronic Waste Disposal Specialists of the Year” - Global Awards 22/23 (formal announcement to be made at the end of April).

Business Doncaster has played a proactive part in helping Enviro Electronics connect with some key partners and help promote better recycling amongst the Doncaster business community. They also recently exhibited at the Doncaster Business Showcase last month which provided a great opportunity to network with other local businesses and raise awareness of their offer of a free WEEE recycling service. Not only were there businesses who booked collection on the day with the team, but some have now also signed contracts to recycle all their electronic waste with Enviro.

For further details on how Enviro Electronics can support your recycling goals, please call 01302 376494 or email:


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