Have Your Say through the latest Economic Survey

Times are incredibly challenging for businesses right now, which is why it’s more important than ever to make your voice heard through the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES).

In case you are not familiar with this questionnaire, it is used to capture the views of members and how they feel about the local economy, national policy and the important issues of the day.

The more responses we get here, the better we will be able to represent you and petition government on the things that matter most.

Entitled "The People Survey", the latest edition of this questionnaire has dedicated sections on spiraling energy prices, the prospect of Doncaster Sheffield Airport closing (and how it will effect businesses), as well as the struggles that firms are encountering when it comes to the recruitment and retention of talent. It’s really important that as many firms as possible fill out this survey, so that decision-makers know what the business community really wants from them.

It should only take about 5 minutes to complete and every last response counts, so make sure that you take the time to do it. Please click here to complete the survey 


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