Heron Foods to open its second new store inside a former Doncaster pub this week

Plans will bring a vacant building back into use and ‘restore economic activity’ at the site.

The Acacia Road store will open its doors at the former Cantley Lodge pub – also known as Palfreys Lodge – on Thursday.

It comes just weeks after the firm opened a branch in the former Lonsdale pub in Intake.

Plans for the store at the Cantley pub were first revealed more than two years ago.

Planning officers at City of Doncaster Council said the plans would bring a vacant building back into use and ‘restore economic activity’ at the site which ‘outweigh the loss of a currently unused community facility.’

The plans had the backing of ward councillors in the area. Councillor Nick Allen said he supported the application adding that Cantley would benefit from a retail store.

“I completely support this proposal for a change of use,” he said.

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