Jobs boost as Business Doncaster continues to attract investment

Doncaster has recently received a major economic boost following a number of businesses choosing to locate in the Doncaster borough.

The Business Doncaster team at Doncaster Council has been supporting new and existing businesses to create both new jobs and safeguard existing jobs across Doncaster in the region of 500 jobs, contributing in excess of £150m to the economy over the last year, despite the pandemic.

Business Doncaster is the inward investment and business support arm of Doncaster Council with the remit of raising the town’s business profile, secure inward investment to improve and strengthen the local economy and provide further jobs and opportunities to the people of Doncaster.

Attracting investment to Doncaster is crucial economically as it boosts the borough’s productivity, creates employment opportunities and encourages not only innovation but international trade too.

The recent successes in contributing to the town’s economic growth include the investments of Cazoo, Dual Inventive, Fitrite, PJD Engineering, Speedy Group, Verona Group and Woodland Group who have collectively brought over 120 jobs to the area.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster said: “The Business Doncaster team continue to do a fantastic job in attracting investment into Doncaster that is a key part of our Covid recovery and future economic growth. By adopting appropriate measures at this time, they can ensure that Doncaster remains a leading destination for inward investment with all the benefits this brings to the town.”

“We can be in absolutely no doubt this has been a very tough year for all of our residents and businesses, however, we are seeing very real and welcome green shoots of strong investment and economic recovery which gives us real confidence for the future.”

PJD Engineering has moved its headquarters to Doncaster and is now planning to almost double its workforce to around 30 people by the end of 2022.

Business Doncaster has worked closely with the company on its move, supporting the entire process, providing guidance on funding, assisting in the search for premises and helping with recruitment as well as maintaining communication and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Dungworth, Head of Service, Business Doncaster said “We are delighted to welcome these businesses to our business community and to have been able to offer them such a wide range of support through our Business Doncaster team, who will continue to work and support them and other companies across the borough.”

"The council's priority in the coming decade is to nurture an ambitious, vibrant and confident place. We want to raise the bar in Doncaster by encouraging aspiration and attracting further inward investment in to the town”.

“We know the pandemic has left business casualties but markets are always changing and with change comes opportunity for growth and enterprise. There is no doubt we are on the cusp of exciting times here in Doncaster”.


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