New Doncaster courier franchise has record 1st quarter

Cargo2Go Doncaster franchise achieves highly profitable 1st Q and continues to rise

In April, Yorkshire-based Cargo2Go launched their new franchise location in Doncaster. In month 1, the new franchise set a number of Cargo2Go ‘1st month records’ including: the highest turnover achieved and number of brand new customers acquired. Month 2 saw the new franchise triple its turnover from month 1. The demand was so high that drivers had to be quickly recruited.

(From left to right) Ben Frechette, Nuzhat Noreen Ul-Haq, Terrence Mutero, Stenly Kupahurasa, Jim Mosley


The new Cargo2Go franchisees are Nuzhat Noreen Ul-Haq, Stenly Kupahurasa and Terrence Mutero. The entrepreneurial trio credit Cargo2Go’s robust onboarding system for new franchisees as part of their early success.

“When you take on a franchise, it’s important to hit the ground running and achieve profitability as soon as possible . Cargo2Go’s onboarding and training programme really set us up for success from day 1. The training covered all aspects of sales and running the business. The support we’ve received from HQ has been second to none.” - Terrence Mutero, Co-Franchise Owner Cargo2Go Doncaster.

Business owners, Jim Mosley and Ben Frechette took on a Cargo2Go franchise 10 years ago. They had no experience in the Courier industry, but they had some cash and lots of ambition. Within 5 years, the pair of entrepreneurs had hit £1m in revenue. In their 10th year, they are forecasted to hit £3.3m in revenue. Now, they are recruiting franchisees nation-wide to achieve similar success.

“It’s a proud time for us. The Doncaster team had the right attitude from the start. They worked extremely hard during the onboarding process and took everything on board. Now they are reaping the rewards with a record Q1.” - Jim Mosley, Co Owner

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(From left to right) Stenly Kupahurasa, Nuzhat Noreen Ul-Haq, Terrence Mutero


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