Physiotherapy business grows with new staff and services

As it approaches it's 15th birthday, the future looks bright at Chapman Physiotherapy with staffing now above pre-Covid levels

Chapman Physiotherapy are delighted to introduce three new members to their team, finally enhancing staffing levels to above pre-Covid levels. Damon Khan joined us in August, brining a wealth of experience from his time in football, before specialising in children's developmental and neuro physio.  Having identified a need for additional private services in the children's sector, Damon has set up a service with the capacity to deliver specialist children's physio on-site and also at home for those with additional needs.  If you are a service or charity that could benefit from this new service, please email us at and we'd love to have a chat. 

Reece Emery and Lizzy Alcock have also joined us in September having graduated from Leicester University.  Navigating their way through a physiotherapy degree during Covid certainly had it's challenges and both showed a dedication to their career by gaining additional experience with us in their own time.  It's this commitment that has granted each of them a full-time position and as they seek to build a caseload we are offering 25% off all appointments with Lizzy and Reece to help them get started.  This is an unprecedented offer for us so please take advantage! 

Our new staff members have enabled us to open Bawtry more hours again and offer same day appointments.  We continue to add new services, including a joint replacement rehab package coming very soon.  And finally, as we celebrate our 15th birthday this year... the future looks very bright indeed.  


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