Plans approved to convert Wheatley restaurant into apartments and retail unit

A popular Indian restaurant is set to shut to be converted into apartments with an adjoined retail unit.

Earlier this month, planning officers at Doncaster Council approved plans to convert Spice and Ice restaurant in Wheatley into a shop and residential building.

The premises on Church Way has been operating for over seven years, however owners will now close the business to undertake the new project. Prior to the opening of the restaurant, the building was home of the Cheshire Cheese pub.

It will now be converted into five duplex apartments and a retail unit with alterations to the site layout and parking access. The application has been substantially amended since it was first lodged, with the owners originally hoping to create six apartments with no commercial element. The retail unit was requested to reduce the loss of amenity created by the restaurant’s closure.

A planning condition has been put in place to ensure that the owners do not change the use of the retail unit to residential in the future.

Due to being in a high flood risk area, the apartments have been altered to place each bedroom on the first floor rather than the inclusion of ground floor-only units.

Two objections to the plans were received from members of the public. Concerns were raised over the loss of the restaurant, increased parking demand on surrounding streets, and highway safety concerns due to traffic pulling out of the car park. Planning officers ruled that the addition of the retail unit offset the amenity and the plans were acceptable in other aspects, therefore warranting its approval.

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