Plant trees with your business and make a positive impact

Doncaster has an ambition to plant one million trees across the borough

Over the next ten years, Doncaster has an ambition to increase tree coverage from 13% to 17% through planting one million trees across the borough. Planting trees is one of the most effective solutions to battle climate change, absorbing on average ~ 22 kg of CO2 per year.

We believe that Doncaster can be at the forefront of climate innovation and part of our response to climate change is this ambitious programme of tree planting – planting on our own land, but also encouraging others to do the same and that includes our local businesses too.

Would you like your business to make an effective contribution to climate and environmental protection? Everyone can contribute - schools, businesses, community groups, families, landowners, - we value your involvement…every tree counts!

As a Doncaster business, we would like your answers to the following questions:

  • Is tree planting something that you are doing or considering as part of your climate and sustainability commitments?
  • Do you own land that could support more nature and biodiversity?
  • Is tree planting something you would like to support within your local community?
  • Are you looking for sources of trees or advice?

Please direct your responses and provide any updates on other climate measures directly to

And don’t forget to register any newly-planted trees with us, so we can keep count of all the trees planted in Doncaster. Please use the link below:

Climate change is everyone's business so why not start today…

This is a great opportunity for businesses to show they are serious about decarbonisation. As the project progresses, futher promotion will acknowledge and celebrate those businesses who join in with the 1m trees programme. We welcome businesses to use this project as an opportunity to highlight their commitment to the environment - this can be a great way to build a positive reputation in the community.


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