Put your business on the map by showing support for breastfeeding mums

Many local businesses have already pledged support for the ‘We Support Our Mums’ campaign. Is it time for your business to join?

It’s World Breastfeeding Week this week and with this in mind, we’re asking businesses to join our ‘We Support Our Mums’ campaign.

Venues across Doncaster including cafes, restaurants, libraries and leisure centres are already showing their support to this scheme.  These are places, where a mum can be assured that staff will be supportive of breastfeeding. By taking the We Support Our Mums pledge, you can indicate your support and be included on the interactive map of places that welcome breastfeeding in Doncaster.

We know mums have the legal right to breastfeed anywhere (2010 Equality Act) but many do not feel confident in doing so. The scheme aims to make it easier for breastfeeding mums to recognise where they will be welcomed to breastfeed their babies whilst out and about in Doncaster. 

Why not put your business on the map to show mums that you support them? Visit the ‘We Support Our Mums’ webpage to find out more on how to make the pledge for your business.


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