South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum receives Energy Saving Grant

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum has been awarded a grant from the UKSPF Low Carbon Grant to install technology to reduce electricity consumption, reduce costs and improve its energy efficiency.

After an energy audit was carried out at the Museum, it was identified that the key areas that could result in a carbon and cost reduction were to install solar panels and low energy dehumidifiers. Installation of a solar panel system was designed for the roof of the more modern workshop building (unable to do so on the larger 1938 hangar building) and the replacement of several high energy using de-humidifiers with ‘Low Energy’ units.

With extensive support from Business Doncaster, the project resulted in Turbine Energy installing a 23.8kWp solar system on the premises which will look to reduce the carbon used by 3.3 Tonnes per year, in addition to 7 low energy dehumidifiers which reduce their carbon usage by a further 1.15 tonnes per year.

The update will allow the museum to benefit from a reduction in electricity costs and carbon consumption by approximately 25%, dependent on sunshine hours. At current rates, this equates to a saving of approximately £6000 per annum.

Alan Beattie, Chairman of South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum said: “We’re thrilled to have received the grant funding for a project that will help us as a charity to significantly boost our sustainability credentials. We are acutely aware of the climate crisis and are constantly striving to decarbonise our processes.

“Green technology can be expensive and can, therefore, prevent charities such as ours from installing the equipment required to achieve our green ambitions. We are pleased not only to receive the grant but also the significant support from Business Doncaster and their guidance through the process”.


The opportunity will enable the museum to maximise the use of their own produced electricity i.e., solar panels during the day by putting timers on the de-humidifiers to operate during the day and use ‘carbon free’ electricity, rather than using grid electricity for them to work overnight. 

The extent that they can do this will depend on their results from monitoring the humidity levels as they need to ensure that any overnight increases in humidity stay within acceptable limits in order not to damage the exhibits.  

The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, now in its 25th year, are looking to also construct an additional hangar to house their existing collection and hopefully add additional exhibits and activities to the collection.

The Museum is a Registered Charity, run by unpaid volunteer trustees. Over the past 25 years they have, with the unwavering support and work by many volunteers, transformed almost derelict buildings into the highly praised Museum it is today, with most of the funds being achieved through entry fees and donations from visitors.

For further information on the Museum, please visit: South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum | Doncaster

For information on the Low Carbon Grant Fund please visit: Funding and Grants - Low Carbon Grant Project (

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