St Sepulchre Footway Works

Doncaster Council will commence works next week on St Sepulchre Gate to repair and improve the existing paving and the adjacent drainage channel which are currently in a bad state of repair.

This paving and drainage repair scheme will tackle the section of footway underneath the canopy adjacent to the Frenchgate Centre, along the whole length of St Sepulchre Gate from Printing Office Street to High Street.  

The damaged drainage channels will be replaced with higher specification units and the damaged paving will be replaced with high quality block pavers. The planters that were in that area have recently been removed and the areas left behind will be repaved with new materials as part of this scheme.

The scheme is due to start on 10th August and is expected to take around 12 weeks. The work will take place in small sections to minimise disruption to shops and the public.

Work will take place from 6am to 11pm Mon – Fri and 8am-11pm on Sundays which gives the flexibility needed to pave directly in front of shop doorways out of hours. There will be no works on Saturdays.


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