Staff Blog: Sharon Finch - "I love interacting with businesses and adding value to them"

Sharon Finch - HR Key Account and Business Growth Manager at Business Doncaster talks about her role and how her knowledge and experience can help your business.

Following the pandemic businesses will need to figure out how to operate in new ways. Resilience and learning how to come out of it better than the competition will be the key to survival and long-term prosperity.

I recognise that every business has different needs and my role within Business Doncaster offers a bespoke service with tailored business solutions.

My specialism is Human Resource Management but, thanks to my 20 years within the private sector, I have experience of working within complex organisations with an ability to work strategically, see the bigger picture and adapt to changing circumstances. 

Over the years I have worked on projects and programme managed change initiatives. This variation has developed my knowledge of sector specific departmental teams and give me the ability to share best practice, knowledge and experience.

Having now been with Business Doncaster for over 10 years I have experienced the building of collaborative relationships, a team truly invested in the growth of the Borough and ensuring our business community have access to initiatives to implement their growth plans, including appropriate capital investment for premises and equipment to help build capacity.

The support to businesses can vary widely between organisations depending on size, company culture and business priorities, however, the purpose is to help achieve organisational objectives.

Furthermore, building trusted relationships with senior stakeholders and leaders in the business is paramount to our success.

Using my experience, skills and knowledge of Human Resource Management has enabled me to make an impact in key areas such as change management, organisational design, employee engagement and talent analytics. I thrive on keeping abreast of the extensive knowledge of the trends and changes in policy that are affecting people at work 

In addition, I assist businesses with the most effective methods of recruitment, both in terms of quantity and quality, but with regard for cost. Identifying the most appropriate advertising options, including links to pre-employment training   Partnership working with the Advance Doncaster team has benefitted business and individuals by offering a cohesive package of development for people in work and individuals facing redundancy for further details contact the Advance team on 01302735554 between the hours of 10am – 1pm, or email

I love the interactions with businesses and adding value to them. This might be through introducing them to a specific project that will enhance what they do or it might be through carrying out a mapping exercise with them on a staffing restructure.

My role is to work with you to accelerate growth and to overcome specific barriers through independent advice and guidance. I will support you to compete successfully and maintain competitive advantage over the longer term.

Now is the time to prepare for an appropriate transition to the post-pandemic workplace and I am here to help.

If your business wants to know more about how I can help you please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting 01302 737630 or

Growing up in Belfast and working within the regeneration of the City has given me a real affinity with Doncaster. The people are similar in their mannerisms and work ethics. They are incredibly down to earth and proud of their town.

The team at Business Doncaster are forward thinking, proactive, innovative and genuinely one of the most exciting teams I have worked with, it is important that we contribute to making a positive difference to the people and place of Doncaster through the work that we do.


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