Staff Blog: Tyler Cowlbeck - "I'm amazed by how many opportunities Doncaster has"

Tyler Cowlbeck, Digital Marketing Apprentice for the Gateway East Academy discusses his role within Business Doncaster and how he is supporting the residents of Doncaster into work.

Hello, I’m Tyler Cowlbeck and I’m the Digital Marketing Apprentice for the GatewayEast Academy within the Business Doncaster team.

For anyone reading this who isn’t aware, GatewayEast is a development surrounding Doncaster Sheffield Airport which is home to over 70 companies!

The GatewayEast Academy is a unique hub that links these employers with candidates.

If you’re looking for your next career move, you can access information about the range of jobs on the academy website. As well as other valuable resources such as the 'Meet the Employers' pages which focus on the companies recruitment mentality and practises and also the Candidate Tool Kit which aids with CV writing, cover letters, interview skills and starting a new role.

It’s also a great opportunity for investors looking to move into the area as we can support your business with recruitment for free!

My role is to ensure that our social media accounts and website are up-to-date with the latest vacancies and company information.

I love this job. Using social media is one of my hobbies so to be able to do this for a living is amazing!

It’s always nice when I see our number of followers increasing or when our posts are being liked and shared.

The team are also great and I take satisfaction in knowing that what I do is helping the residents of Doncaster to find employment.

When I first joined the team in April 2021, I was surprised by the amount of opportunities Doncaster had.

At the GatewayEast development alone, I find myself promoting 50 vacancies each month. Sometimes it gets to 60!

You may think that working in social media is easy as it is something many people use in their daily lives but there is a lot more to it than you might think, particularly when it comes to researching and planning!

Alongside my role, I am also undertaking a Digital Marketing qualification that teaches me about using social media effectively through analytics, campaigns and more.

I’ve always been interested in computers. I went to college to do a computing course before I saw this role advertised which I thought was perfect for me.

At college, I was learning how to build computers and websites but there was a social media element which I enjoyed the most and I decided to choose it as my specialism.

I’m delighted to be learning such important skills for the future both from my job role and my qualification.

In the future, I am hoping to support our other academies at the iPort and Unity developments and help even more people in Doncaster into work.

If you are currently looking for work, please visit our website to view the latest opportunities:

If your business is located in the GatewayEast area and you want to share your vacancies and news stories through our website and social media channels please contact me via email: or call 01302 736161.


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