Support available to help businesses navigate international trade

There is no doubt that expanding into new markets overseas can help business of all sizes reach new customers, generate additional revenue and accelerate business growth now that the final restrictions fall away from the UK economy.

However, international growth can also be challenging – whether that be breaking into a new market or developing in an existing one – as it consumes time and money away from the day-to-day business activity. Having to engage with and manage a variety of different partners is also cited as a barrier to international trade, making the process too complex and onerous.
With this in mind, Santander UK have teamed up with a number of key ecosystem providers to give businesses the support that they need when trading overseas. The ‘Navigating your exports’ series hosted on Santander Navigator will provide businesses with eight on-demand, easy to consume, virtual drop-in sessions where providers will be able to offer a one-stop shop to support overseas trade.
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