The Plan which shapes the future of Doncaster is approved

Doncaster’s Local Plan has been adopted by Full Council following a seven year journey.

The key planning document sets out how the borough will grow and flourish through to 2035 and beyond.

The Local Plan guides where new homes and developments can go up in a sustainable manner to strengthen the local economy.

The Local Plan does far more than determine where growth can be accommodated. It has significant benefits for the natural environment and helps tackle climate change.

Having the Plan in place means most of the Green Belt is retained, the vast majority of the countryside is protected, green spaces are safeguarded and nature and biodiversity are encouraged.

It helps enhance the quality of life for residents and future generations.

Cllr Nigel Ball, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure, Culture and Planning, said: “This is a momentous milestone for the future of our borough and everyone who calls Doncaster home. It’s much more than an important planning policy document though. It sets out the direction we are heading and helps us deliver our ambitions to make Doncaster a wonderful place to live and experience. A borough that can fulfil its huge potential creating a place residents are proud of and other areas look at with envy.

“The Local Plan has been on a seven year journey since Full Council decided in September 2014 to embark on the time-staking process of pulling it together. The plan has gone through numerous stages of public consultation during its preparation and despite the challenges of the global pandemic we have managed to get it over the line and approved.

“The Local Plan enables us to grow our economy in a sustainable way and provide everything residents need to enjoy living in our borough. It positively plans for new roads and other infrastructure to secure new development and enhance how we move around and access our communities.

“An important role of the Local Plan is helping us to address the Climate Emergency so our future generations have a future to look forward to. Having up-to-date planning policy protects the borough’s green spaces and supports Doncaster as a place where nature flourishes and wildlife can move easily through a network of well-connected green infrastructure. The Local Plan shapes the future of Doncaster.”

Adoption of the Local Plan is just the start of the process. Focus has already shifted to implementation and monitoring the policies and proposals it includes to make sure they are effective and delivering as intended.

There is also some in-built flexibility to the Plan to help respond to changes in circumstances. National planning policy states that policies in Local Plans should be reviewed to assess whether they need updating at least once every five years from adoption date. The Plan should then be updated if necessary to ensure policies remain relevant and effectively address the needs of the local communities.

An easy to follow animation has been created to show the benefits of the Local Plan: Shaping the Future of Doncaster  .

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