Time to revamp your revenue operations to ‘Accelerate’ your business?

Innovative start-up business, Accelerate, are offering free sessions to obtain in-depth information about where your business is now and what results you want.

Doncaster based innovative start-up business Accelerate are a Revenue Operations (RevOps) business that provides an effective, efficient and affordable way for businesses to attract more prospects, maximise the opportunity to convert those prospects into customers and continuously delight them so they stay with you year-in, year-out.

The RevOps framework helps supercharge businesses' revenue-generating process by fusing sales, marketing and customer success teams with smart tech and a great culture.

Three successful entrepreneurs, Tom Parkinson, Dave Surfleet and Chris Toyne have been discussing and planning the launch of Accelerate for the last 18 months with the business finally launched at the start of 2023.

Tom, Dave and Chris have a wealth of experience in RevOps, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support and Product Development and have established start-ups and taken them on to be successful award-winning businesses. The three were working together closely when they all sold their businesses to larger enterprises in late 2019 and early 2020.

Tom said: “We have a passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses grow. Our experience in larger businesses has proven to us that RevOps can help your business optimise and grow, regardless of size”.

“We feel that SMEs can benefit from our experience, especially around our know-how on maximising the potential of Processes, People and Technology to help grow revenue whilst also delighting customers”.

Tom initially got in touch with the Business Doncaster team and it wasn’t long before the growth potential for this business was recognised. They received advice and support around future recruitment plans and have also been signposted to partners Team SY in order to access South Yorkshire’s range of targeted business acceleration provision.

So what is RevOps? It is an established term in the US and has been the backbone of revenue growth in many businesses in the US over the last 5/10 years. One of the biggest challenges is spreading the word about what RevOps is and how these modern techniques can skyrocket revenue growth over here in the UK too.

Accelerate’s RevOps Framework is a comprehensive approach to assessing and revamping revenue operations in any business. It can help you attract, convert and delight customers consistently – and is made up of three parts: Technology, People and Process.

Want to know more? Accelerate are offering a free session as the perfect place to start. They will obtain in-depth information about where your business is now and what results you want – so you can have an unbeatable plan for success on your growth journey.

Accelerate are here to make your business dreams a reality!

For further information or to book your free session visit: https://goaccelerate.org or email: hello@goaccelerate.org


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