Transformational journey on the cards for Stainforth

Success for Doncaster’s second Towns Fund bid means Stainforth will benefit from a £21.6million transformation.

A number of key projects were put forward by the Stainforth Town Deal Board shaped by extensive consultation with people who live and work in Stainforth or visit the area.

There will be improvements at the train station, the creation of a hub in the town centre, enhanced roads and streets and the headstocks will be turned into a prime heritage site with wonderful green space and new commercial opportunities.

The announcement follows the news that Doncaster town centre will see millions of pounds of government money pumped into several major projects including the extension of the recently completed public space outside the train station.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said:

“The funding will make a positive difference for Stainforth, benefiting local residents, businesses and visitors. We have ambitious plans to transform all parts of our borough and tapping into this Government funding is going to see a number of vital projects totally change the look and feel of Stainforth and bring renewed pride to the area. It’s going to help take Stainforth to a new level and is exciting times for the community.

“We have successfully bid for over £45million from the Towns Fund for a range of important schemes in Doncaster town centre and now in Stainforth. We have the vision, ambition and drive to make our borough a truly wonderful place to call home. What we need now is more government funding for our towns and communities.”

Ed Miliband MP, said:

“This funding is a tribute to the hard work, imagination and determination of the people of Stainforth who worked together on the neighbourhood plan which formed the bid for the Towns Fund money.

“We welcome this funding and are glad that the government has listened to the strong calls we made to Robert Jenrick the Local Government Secretary last month for this money to be brought forward.

“While these resources are a step forward for Stainforth, they do not make up for the more than 50% percent cuts in council funding we have seen over the last decade. Money from the Towns Fund will not excuse continued austerity which will continue to undermine the local services people in Stainforth desperately need and deserve.

“This is just the start of what is needed to tackle the deep inequality in our country. To give real long-lasting improvements to the lives and livelihoods of Doncaster people we need investment in education to support lifelong learning, in our health system with a new hospital for Doncaster and by supporting each of our towns, communities and residents with both good jobs and housing.”

Dan Fell, CEO of Doncaster Chamber, said:

“This is very welcome news and a once in a generation opportunity to invest into Stainforth’s economy and communities.  I was delighted to act as the Vice Chair of the project board that created this successful bid; I therefore know from experience how committed a range of partners are to making this a success for Stainforth and look forward to seeing the positive outcomes that will come from the investment.

“Enterprise, jobs and education are at the heart of this project, which also takes into consideration the deep community consultation that was undertaken to inform Stainforth’s Neighbourhood Plan.  I am confident that this project, along with the game changing Unity development, will help to facilitate a new era of opportunities for SMEs and residents in the North of Doncaster.”

Summaries of the Stainforth projects are set out below.

Station gateway

This proposal will transform the gateway between the station and the town by creating a high quality arrival experience. A bespoke replacement overbridge, of architectural significance, will be a visible sign of investment and regeneration in Stainforth.

Town Centre hub

This scheme will focus on improving the sense of place and support business growth in the town centre. It includes a raft of initiatives including streetscape and shop front improvements, a new civic space and a new community hub to enhance people’s perceptions. It will drive footfall to the town and support the regeneration of Stainforth.

Activated network

An enhanced street network in Stainforth will create a safer and more attractive place helping to support regeneration and growth. A new CCTV network will deter crime and anti-social behaviour and a new link will connect East Lane with the Unity Way roundabout.

Headstock Park

This project will see the former colliery headstocks restored to become an iconic site and visitor centre. New infrastructure will help unlock employment land and a new country park will provide a wonderful new green space for outdoor events and activities.

These projects will enable Stainforth to unlock its full potential to grow with pride, energy and ambition. They will develop the existing town and community assets and act as a catalyst for positive future change and new opportunity. The vision for Stainforth builds on the Stainforth Neighbourhood Plan.

The Towns Fund is a Government scheme for towns like Doncaster and Stainforth to boost economic productivity and support sustainable growth.


John Roe, Founder and Managing Director of Roeville, a Stainforth-based Software House and Chair of the Stainforth Town Deal Board, said:

“The Town Fund is a once-in-a generation lifeline from the Government to help ‘Level-up’ Stainforth. It’s an exciting and inspirational bundle of projects designed to kick start a process to reverse decades of decline and neglect since the closure of Hatfield Main.  In the coming weeks and months, the Town Deal Board will be reaching out to everyone in the local community to get behind the Fund and work together to make Stainforth a vibrant and connected town with good jobs, a healthy environment and a great future.

“Thanks to all the Board and community members for their hard work and dedication in securing the funding, and to the Government for recognising our needs. Now the heavy lifting begins as we enter the Delivery Stage and bring lasting improvements to Stainforth.”

More information about the plans in Stainforth and Doncaster town centre can be found at: 


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