Top tips for a successful Doncaster Business Showcase

Here are some handy tips for exhibitors to help them make the most of the fabulous business opportunities at the Doncaster Business Showcase

  • Promote before the show

Develop your pre-exhibition marketing plan. Let your target audience know you will be at the show, what products you will be promoting and your stand location. Make sure you mention the date, time and venue. The Business Showcase offers fantastic marketing opportunities and a chance to catch up with your already existing customers and new ones.

  • Social media

Use social media to drive visitors to your exhibition stand. Post photos of your stand and engage with attendees on social platforms. Social Media is great to let everyone know that you’re there.  

  • Showcase hashtag

The official hashtag is #DNShowcase2024 - Follow the hashtag and use it before, during and after the show to keep updated with the news and to become part of the Showcase community.

  • Use e-mail marketing

One week before the show send an e-newsletter to let everyone know you will be there, including the details of the show and location of your stand. Include information about any special stand features, interactive screens, competitions, special offers and prize draws.

  • Create a plan for the day

Set realistic objectives, create a schedule, and plan all activities. Organise transport, exhibition stand design and show details.

  • Exhibition stand design

Use the 3 second rule: you have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression and to grab the attention of the visitor. In those 3 seconds you need to communicate your message, what you do and what you have to offer. Make sure your stand design is engaging and eye catching.

  • Check out your competition

Take a look at the exhibitor list and check out your competition before the show…know where they are located and find out about their products, any marketing and promotion they use.

  • Know your neighbours

Try to establish a solid relationship with your exhibitor neighbours. Communicate with each other, find out their schedule and get information about their stand. Familiarise yourself with the floor plan, whether you are on a corner, middle of a row, any obstructing columns etc.

  • Giveaways

At all exhibitions, visitors receive a lot of gifts that will never be used or go straight in the bin after the show. Make your giveaway relevant and interesting and something that will be used over and over again. Make sure all items are branded with your logo.

  • Pick your team

Opt for a dream team of four so you can have as many conversations at one time as possible.

  • Prepare your team

Brief your staff before the show. Make sure everyone is clear on what they are doing. Explain your objectives and why you are exhibiting. Remind simple rules like no eating, chewing gum or mobile phones and always ask engaging, open ended questions. Maintain a fun environment and provide plenty of breaks.

  • Remember body language

Greet visitors warmly and encourage them to explore your stand and products. Facial expressions are important, make sure your team is smiling and responding to what the visitor is saying.

  • Listen to visitors

It is important to remember that’s it’s not just about talking, listen to what your visitors are saying and asking for.

  • Don’t overstaff

Overstaffed stands may look crowded and discourage people from visiting, it could look intimidating.

  • Arrive early

When you get to the show make sure your stand is set up properly and everything is working. Make sure all literature, giveaways, notepads and pens are in the right place.

  • Photograph your stand

Don’t forget to take pictures of your stand during the show. Photograph your stand when it’s busy, include different angles, key features and graphics. Capture visitors interacting with staff etc. Share photos during the event on your main social media platforms, using the official show hashtag.

  • Take breaks

It will be a busy day so it is very important that you and your staff take lunch and regular breaks.

  • Speaker sessions

Encourage staff to attend and listen to the dedicated speaker sessions taking place throughout the day, where possible.

  • Capture data

Make sure you note down all the details of the person to whom you have spoken. What services they were interested in? What company they work for? How you promised to contact them?

  • Follow up

Marketing does not end after the exhibition. The sooner you follow up with your leads the better the chance of turning them into sales. Try to stay in touch and send follow up emails within one week.

Last updated: 06 February 2024, 09:32