Visitor Information

All attendees are welcome to visit the Doncaster Business Showcase 2024. This event is FREE to attend as a visitor - no ticket or registration required.

Doncaster Racecourse is one of Doncaster’s premier venues located just outside of Doncaster city centre, and boasts stunning views of the Racecourse and a large exhibition hall ideal for events such as this one.

  • 11am - 'Using audio marketing to grow your business’ James Marriott, Sound Media: this session will provide a brief introduction into using podcasting for audio marketing, why you should be thinking about it, how it will help you to grow your business and some simple steps to take away and use to get started.
  • 1:30pm – ‘The unseen cyber threats that all businesses face’ Mike Smith, TwentyFour IT: with over 500 thousand new cyber threats discovered daily and more than 2.39 million attacks on UK business in the past year, SMEs may feel helpless, especially with how Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are being employed by organised cybercrime to create malware that goes undetected by traditional anti-virus. With their own Cyber specialists and 24/7 Security Operations Centre, TwentyFour IT have developed a deep understanding of the landscape and this session will deliver clear insights on what you need to be aware of.
  • 2:30pm - ‘Strategy for growth’ Nicola Horton, The CFO Centre: business owners often talk about how they’d like to grow but: a) what does growth actually look like to them? b) how do they go about planning for growth? This session will provide easy to follow steps on how you can help grow your business including how to create a written plan and strategy, organic growth, growing by acquisition, why do strategies fail, outside influences and most importantly how to ensure your strategy succeeds. 

The venue will be providing refreshments throughout the day, serving a variety of hot and cold drinks and a selection of lunch meals, sandwiches and refreshments. Please note this venue is CARD ONLY – there will be no cash accepted.

There are many excellent business reasons to visit the Doncaster Business Showcase 2024.

  • Network with businesses from across the region and beyond.
  • 2500+ visitors expected 
  • Browse and chat with over 300 Exhibitors – from sectors including digital, professional, promotional, business support, consultancy, security, telecommunications and many more
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Reconnect with old contacts
  • Source new products and services
  • Meet local business suppliers all under one roof
  • Make quality connections, suppliers and customers
  • Find out about funding and business support opportunities
  • Knowledge and exposure
  • Doncaster Racecourse is easily accessible
  • Free parking all day

The Doncaster Business Showcase is the biggest B2B networking event of its kind in Yorkshire and provides businesses with a one-stop shop in which to do business. The event includes an Exhibition Hall and a dedictaed networking area.

The Doncaster Business Showcase is an annual event and attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors each year. For many businesses, it is the ultimate event to be seen networking at in Yorkshire!

The Business Showcase is FREE to attend as a visitor, made possible through the commitment of the exhibitors who have paid to have an exhibition stand to promote their business.

There is no strict agenda for this event – simply turn up when you like and leave the event when you’re ready. Depending on what you want to achieve from your visit, please plan your own agenda before arrival. We recommend that you plan in advance which exhibitor stands you want to visit before attending to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. 

Make your visit to the event a success by walking around the Exhibition Hall, talking with exhibitors and perhaps take a break from the hustle and bustle for a quieter chat in the networking area. It’s always good to network with other visitors simply by buying a coffee or by starting conversations with others in the networking area.

We recommend that you bring plenty of business cards with you. Never underestimate how many people attend this event and how many business cards you may want to hand out to new connections. We also recommend that you bring a pen and note pad to write down ideas that you have when at the event.

As a visitor you are NOT permitted to sell directly to the exhibitors who have paid to have a stand at the event, similarly you are NOT permitted to take promotional video footage or photography for your own use. However, there is plenty of opportunity to network and chat with the exhibitors and if you feel like there is connection between yourself as a visitor and an exhibitor, request their contact details and follow up with them after the event.

Last updated: 03 June 2024, 12:17