Covid-19 Support

Business Doncaster is committed to keeping businesses updated on the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. Please view the pages on the left hand side for more information.

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Covid-19 Support

Following the recent Government announcement of the “road map” out of Lockdown, the “Covid -19 response – Spring 2021” was published on the 22nd February 2021.

A Full version of the document can be found here COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 (Summary) - GOV.UK (

The comprehensive document sets out 4 steps to the lifting of restrictions, with a projected final date of no earlier than 21 June where it is hoped the majority of restrictions on the way we live our lives and run our businesses will be lifted.

This information is based on the information and guidance we have received from government and we will provide updates as further information and clarification is announced.

Further general information and guidance from Government can be found here Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support - GOV.UK (

This guidance will only consider the 3rd step, no earlier than the 17th May 2021.

Step 3 will take place no earlier than 17th May and is the third step in the road map to re-open a significant number of businesses. The following businesses and activities can re-open:-

  • Indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas and children’s play areas
  • The rest of the accommodation sector, including hotels, hostels and B&Bs
  • Indoor adult group sports and exercise classes
  • Some larger performances and sporting events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number)
  • Outdoor venues with a capacity of 4,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number)

Preparing for reopening

The roadmap provides businesses and the public with plenty of notice to prepare for the gradual removal of restrictions and we should all make best use of the notice period.

You should consider the following checks and considerations before reopening:-

  • Consider extra checks alongside “normal daily” opening checks for hygiene issues  -  see the Food Standards Agency Guidance
  • Review your Covid safe measures and risk assessment, including refresher training for staff, signage and queue management
  • Consider HSE’s Covid-19 working safely guidance
  • Make sure you have enough trained staff to manage your customers safely and in accordance with the regulations and guidance. Make sure your customers understand your rules and maximum capacity.
  • Where possible, let customers know about your rules and seating capacity before you open. Using Social Media is a good way to get the message out and manage customer expectations.
  • Make sure you have systems in place to take orders and payments at the table
  • If you provide food, ensure your kitchen staff review your food supplies for durability dates, condition and labelling
  • Check for any pest activity
  • Make sure your staff have the necessary food, safety and Covid awareness training. Refreshers courses are recommended for all.
  • Carry out a deep clean of your Kitchen ready for trading
  • Review your menu and allergens controls. It’s recommended to keep your menu simple
  • Consider introducing Covid testing for your staff (further guidance below)
  • Review your risk assessment in relation to legionella using the following guidance &


The Council is here to help with advice and support where we can. Please refer to our website for latest information on Covid controls and guidance. We are also happy to answer specific questions or offer clarifications where we can. Please e-mail your enquiries or concerns to

Covid Testing

If businesses are unable to set up their own testing they can access the Community Testing Sites at Hexthorpe, Stainforth and Conisbrough  ( )

  • The Springboard Centre, Hexthorpe Boxing Club, Shadyside, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, DN4 0DH. It is open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Sports Hall, entrance road by the former Youth Club/Stainforth SMILE (off Church Road), Stainforth, Doncaster. It is open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Ivanhoe Centre, Gardens Lane, Conisbrough, Doncaster DN12 3JX. It is open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and 10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Please remember that we do not have all the answers! We expect the Government will issue further guidance on how businesses can reopen in line with the roadmap, and please remember that the dates will be subject to Government review and are not fixed – they are “No Earlier Than” dates.

Future dates and forward planning – a precautionary warning

As already mentioned, please keep in mind that the dates mentioned in the roadmap are provisional dates. This means the Government will monitor the number of new Covid cases and if the numbers start to rise again, the dates may be delayed or local restrictions may be imposed.

We are all hopeful the dates will not move, and that by the 21st June, most restrictions will have been lifted. But there is no guarantee this will be the case.

Therefore we advise all businesses to be cautious before committing to future events, particularly if this includes ticketed events or where there is a financial commitment. If one date is delayed, this will delay all dates.

We wish you success with your reopening plans.

Now that we know what the Government’s roadmap looks like, you will undoubtedly be thinking about how to go about re-opening and adapting your business if you haven’t already done so.

As the restrictions lift and activity once again returns to our town centre, we want to support you to reopen safely - in line with government guidance. This guide will help you to plan for a safe and successful return.

View the latest coronavirus guidance page bringing together the latest guidance, publications and announcements. 

The following sections have been updated:

  • Business and charity support
  • Council, public and community buildings
  • Funerals and care of the deceased
  • Public health
  • Schools and education
  • Social care
  • Testing
  • Vaccines

NEW Guidance details the steps to reopen certain businesses and venues in England.

A large-scale community testing programme is now underway in Doncaster, with the aim of identifying cases in people who ARE NOT displaying coronavirus symptoms and, in turn, reducing coronavirus transmission rates in the community. Unlike in areas such as Liverpool, we are taking a targeted approach to testing, selecting areas that may need extra help to access testing facilities, in the first instance.

As part of this, a programme of regular testing for groups of key workers who are unable to work from home is up and running and we also have a mobile testing unit which can visit key sites in Doncaster.

In addition, community testing sites, using Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs but also known as ‘rapid’ or LFT tests) have been established across the borough in key geographical areas, to provide regular tests for residents who do not have coronavirus symptoms.

Currently we have sites in Hexthorpe, Stainforth and Conisbrough for people who live and/or work in these areas. Please visit for more information about these sites.

Lateral flow tests for businesses

Doncaster Council is encouraging all large and medium sized employers with more than 50 employees to register for an employer-led rapid testing scheme available until 31 March, through which they can receive free tests for staff members without symptoms who cannot work from home.

To register interest in the scheme please visit:

The registration process will ask for the following:

• Institution name
• Email for main point of contact
• Industry sector: food production
• Company registration number
• Size of company (no. of employees)


There has been some confusion regarding whether people who test positive for Covid-19 need to take another test before returning to work.

Once an individual’s isolation period has ended and, as long as they have not developed further symptoms, they do not need another test and may return to work.

It is important to note that it is possible for PCR tests to remain positive for some time after a Covid-19 infection so, for this reason, if an individual has previously received a positive test result for Covid-19, they should only be re-tested within a 90-day period if they have developed any new coronavirus symptoms.

Individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 with a Lateral Flow Device (LFD but also known as ‘rapid’ or LFT tests) should not be tested again using an LFD within 90 days. If they have new coronavirus symptoms during this period, then they should be tested using a PCR test. PCR tests can be booked by calling 119 or by visiting

Confirmatory testing

New government guidance dictates that specific groups of people who conduct their own Lateral Flow Device (LFD but also known as ‘rapid’ or LFT) tests at home and self-report the results should isolate immediately and have a PCR test within 48 hours to confirm a positive LFD result.

These groups are: NHS England staff, adult social care employees, primary school workers who test at home, and hauliers who use self-test reporting tools. PCR tests can be booked by calling 119 or by visiting

For everyone else who has had a positive LFD test result, a further PCR test is not required and they should self-isolate immediately for ten days.

Last updated: 13 May 2021, 16:35