Doncaster based precision engineering firm made a lasting impact on Keyhole Surgery

Agemaspark worked with a pioneering medical device manufacturer to address challenges in the design of a Optical Trocar device.

An innovative medical solution created by Agemaspark, a Doncaster based precision engineering company, has made a lasting impact on keyhole surgery.

The company worked with a pioneering medical device manufacturer to address challenges in the design of the Optical Trocar device, a critical component in minimally invasive surgeries.

The support pin beneath the core, essential for preventing bending during injection moulding, resulted in uneven wall sections and a hole near the optical area, impacting visibility due to fluid ingress.


Paul Stockhill, managing director of Agemaspark, said: “Our work on the innovative solution for this medical product involved the development of a retractable support pin.

“This groundbreaking design resulted in an Optical Trocar that continues to empower surgeons with enhanced precision and clarity, allowing for extended and efficient usage.

“We are extremely proud of the work we do in the medical sector and by bringing our enduring commitment to innovation we can provide solutions that make a real difference.

“Our team continues to work tirelessly, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the medical industry and beyond.”


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