Entrepreneur shares business growth process to help inspire small business owners

Savvy entrepreneur, public speaker and marketing specialist, Rik Courtney is making it his life mission to inspire and help businesses from all sectors to seize their goals.

Already helping over 120 businesses across England via his company, Be More Social, the entrepreneur by trade is now taking his wisdom to the global stage. 

Be More Social had very humble beginnings back in 2010 in South Yorkshire, with Rik working as a solopreneur. Now, with a team of 14 like-minded professionals working with him, Rik has led Be More Social to become one of the largest social media consultancy franchise groups in the UK and plans to take the brand overseas in the next two years. 

Guided by his philosophy to help businesses, and a personal goal to help 1% of the 5.9 million businesses in the UK. Rik, an entrepreneur, marketing coach and sought after public speaker regularly helps businesses learn how to optimise their performance. 

Rik Courtney explains “If you want to have a successful business, there’s no getting away from the fact you need to be on top of your game with marketing. Yet, so many businesses are overwhelmed by the thought of managing their own marketing.”

As word spread about Rik’s distinctive approach, down to earth demeanour and genuine passion for helping clients - demand for his presence at speaking events, workshops and coaching sessions has soared. 

Following on from this success, Rik is now documenting his growth story and wisdom he’s learnt along the way in an exclusive 12-week online course, to help spark inspiration, creativity, strategic thinking and support fellow entrepreneurs on their own unique journeys. 

Rik added: “I’m a big believer in learning by doing and I want to help educate businesses on the skills I’ve spent my whole career developing. So individuals who choose to work with me, learn the fundamentals they need and how to implement them, to be able to go away and be more involved and more in control of their own business and marketing strategies.

“Not all companies can afford to continuously outsource their marketing and, even if they do - they should still understand what strategies they need to implement. As many say, no one knows a business better than the people who run it, so being able to provide key pieces of advice and help business owners learn skills that will support them on their journey is something I’m really proud I can help with”. 

As well as his new Business Blueprint Course which is open to ten applicants on a quarterly basis, Rik has also set up a YouTube channel sharing anecdotes of his entrepreneurial journey, top hints and tips which gives access to valuable advice and knowledge to business owners and fellow marketing professionals all over the world.

Business Doncaster is proud to have supported Be More Social with their growth since they launched and we look forward to supporting them further.


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