Free courses to help start your business

Throughout 2022, Rebel Business School has run courses to help people start making money doing something they love.

On 25 and 26th July there will be two further sessions to help you get things off the ground.

These sessions will cover the legal side of starting a business, giving a clear and simple layout for anyone thinking about starting or for those already making money through self-employment. There is also a course about copywriting; how to write better emails, prepare news articles and how to get your message out there.

Janet Wallace, a local mural artist, attended the Rebel Business School course in July and had this to say: “I was trying to piece bits together with no money and trying to create a website, it was all really I concentrated more on creating art than I did actually on the business."

“Rebel School has given me confidence with issues such as banking, legal and accounting - all the things you need but don't know how to do. Business is fun, I didn't expect to enjoy being a business person quite so much.”

As a result, Janet has set up a successful art business creating mural art for the city and in people's homes. See Janet’s full vide interview here:

It’s Rebel’s mission to make starting a business accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of their starting point or background.

Tickets are free, find out more on these two upcoming events here:


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