Green energy hub proposed for former power station

Plans have been revealed by The Banks Group for a new green energy hub on the site of a former power station in South Yorkshire.

Plans have been revealed by The Banks Group for a new green energy hub on the site of a former power station in South Yorkshire.

The property, renewable energy and minerals company is seeking to create a new flexible energy management hub through the reclamation and restoration of the derelict former Thorpe Marsh power station near Doncaster.

The development would feature integrated biodiversity features including wetlands, woodlands and species-rich grassland on a 65-hectare area of land to the west of the village of Barnby Dun.

The project would take advantage of the site's existing 1,450MW connection to the National Grid and would involve the deployment of what is thought to be the largest battery energy storage system currently being planned in the UK, and one of the largest anywhere in the world.

The hub, which could store up to 2.8GWhrs of energy, would be used to ensure reliable and stable electricity grid operation at times of peak demand and would support the UK's continuing drive towards its Net Zero ambitions.

The team is currently working through the battery design process and is hoping to have the flexible energy hub up and running by the middle of the decade if planning approval is granted.

A number of planned uses for the Thorpe Marsh site have been put forward over the years since the power station was decommissioned in 1994, but none have ever come to fruition.

Lewis Stokes, senior community relations manager at The Banks Group, said: "This is a nationally important project that will put South Yorkshire at the forefront of developments in the increasingly important energy storage industry.

"Our vision is to deliver a range of long-term environmental, energy security, employment, economic and community benefits through the reclamation and restoration of this landmark site while also supporting the UK's drive towards its crucial net zero targets.

"The Thorpe Marsh Green Energy Hub would utilise the site's large grid capacity to facilitate the increased deployment of renewable energy technologies on the National Grid network, so that more of the energy that we all use in our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals can be generated via renewable means.

"Informing, involving and listening to local people, businesses and other stakeholders in the communities around all our developments is an essential part of the way in which we work. Next month's event is the first stage of a comprehensive public engagement programme that will ensure everyone can put forward their questions and ideas about our proposals."

A public consultation process on Banks' proposals will be carried out over the coming months in line with the company's 'development with care' approach, with the launch set to take place next month at a surgery event from 2pm-7:30pm at Barnby Dun Parish Hall on Wednesday 2 November 2022.

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Doncaster is leading the way in the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority drive for carbon neutrality by 2040, a full 10 years ahead of the national target.

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