Local visitor attraction invests in state-of-the-art laser equipment

Thanks to a recent Government Grant - The Rural England Prosperity Fund, Doncaster based Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields have been able to replace their laser tag equipment.

Doncaster -based, Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields is the biggest and best paintball and outdoor activity centre in the UK, bigger than any in Europe!

Set amongst 720 acres of natural woodland in Bawtry Forest, visitors can make their way across 16 award-winning game zones to battle for victory. They even have real movie props, such as army jeeps, helicopters and choppers, to spice up the action! You will feel the intense heat of battle as the Predator comes into play – a 7-foot-tall hunter-warrior who stalks the woods.

The project: the current laser tag guns were approx. 10 years old and virtually impossible to obtain spare parts and the software was no longer supported by manufacturers, which meant the working units were slowly shrinking, therefore reducing the capacity to accommodate larger groups. During a 6 month period a total of 212 hours was spent on repairs and maintenance of laser tag equipment at a cost of £2862, hence the need for an upgrade. With new laser guns, there would be no repairs anticipated for several years, therefore saving in excess of £5000 per year to the business.

The solution: thanks to a recent Government Grant - The Rural England Prosperity Fund: a capital grant that supports activities that specifically address some of the challenges faced by our local rural businesses, has enabled the replacement of the current fleet of laser tag equipment, with the latest CLG Cyclone system. The new laser tag guns also incorporate red dot sights and give real-time player feedback which creates a much more immersive experience.

A £12,500 Grant was awarded to replace the old units in order to minimise time spent on maintenance and repair and increase productivity by freeing up time for the staff to spend on other tasks that often got neglected.

The new units reach full charge in just 3 hours and run on a single charge for 14 hours – 4 times faster charging and twice as long running time, thus resulting in less power consumption.

Bawtry Paintball & Laser Fields employ both full and part time staff from the local rural area, and new equipment meant that they could increase the sessions per day, resulting in more visitors and greater job security.

At least one full time job was at risk if the grant had not been awarded. During the summer months (the busiest period) there was many occasions where groups of participants had to be capped due to the number of available laser tag guns. Now with a full range of 50 laser guns, this will generate additional participants and the need for additional staff.

It is envisaged that visitor numbers can now increase capacity to approx. 1400 participants each year resulting in additional turnover of around £17500.

The Rural England Prosperity Fund Grant administered by Business Doncaster has helped many of our local businesses improve productivity whilst also strengthening the rural economy.

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