Nature Recovery Site Moves One-step Closer in the Middle of Doncaster’s ‘Green Heart’

Members of Doncaster Council’s Cabinet have taken the decision to open a ‘Habitat Bank’ on 25 hectares of land near Sandall Beat Wood.

This week, Members of Doncaster Council’s Cabinet have taken the decision to open a ‘Habitat Bank’ on 25 hectares of farmland in the Council’s ownership near Sandall Beat Wood, on the former Red House Farm.

A new law means that, from November this year, most new developments will have to show that they result in at least 10% more biodiversity than was present before a development started. There is not always enough space for this ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ on the land around buildings on a development site. When this happens, biodiversity has to be delivered off site as well. The Red House Farm project will be funded with money from developers who, because of the new law, need to show they are providing more for wildlife.

The Council also plans to bring forward four more ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ projects over the next 18 months, in different parts of Doncaster. This will mean the chance to get close to nature can be shared by many more of our communities. 

Cabinet member for Sustainability Mark Houlbrook: “The Red House Farm ‘Habitat Bank’ and this commitment to bringing forward further projects to all four corners of Doncaster is yet another demonstration of our commitment to the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

“This is an exciting project which will see a significant area of wildflower grassland, species rich scrubland and woodland created right at the centre of Doncaster’s ‘Green Heart’ which will be managed and monitored over the next 30 years. This will be the first of several such sites for Doncaster and I am determined to see the benefits spread further afield so all our communities have enhanced opportunities for access to greenspace and to connect with nature.

“These ‘Habitat Bank’ projects build on much of the other great work for nature recovery being delivered by the Council and our conservation partnerships to protect and enhance biodiversity across the City.”

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