Packaging & Distribution Company secures new Head Office in Doncaster

Support from Business Doncaster resulted in a successful move into a new Head Office location at Gresley House, Doncaster.

Are you an online retailer, Amazon seller, own brand, wholesaler or just need to store your goods? If so, then Danum Fulfilment Services; a warehouse, storage, distribution, and fulfilment company with a global clientele can help you. 

Having established as an e-commerce and Amazon retailer in 2016, selling thousands of products across the world, the company has spent numerous years adapting, evolving, and improving.

The company first contacted Business Doncaster in 2023 and went on to receive ongoing support from the team via several property searches and the potential for accessing finance to assist in their business growth. This resulted in a successful move into a new Head Office location at Gresley House, Doncaster earlier this year (2024). The business also secured a warehouse in 2022 that offers insulated, ultra clean and security protected areas available for storage whether that’s pallets, boxes, or single units. 

Their growth is being fuelled by accelerated growth in e-commerce, the success of home shopping networks and a booming e-tailer sector led by Amazon. To meet these demands and specific customer needs, they have implemented a new, state-of-the-art WMS 3PL software system that is designed to bring added value to their clients and help them to save money. With a background in online retail and selling on Amazon for many years, their experienced team are well placed to help you operate efficiently.

Jan Peterson, Managing Director of Danum Fulfilment said: “We have always wanted to locate the business in Doncaster, and we are thrilled to have secured a new Head Office location right in the heart of the City”.

“Our experience has taught us how we must always concentrate on efficiency, quality, and attention to detail, whilst never forgetting the humans behind each business. So, whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, we can help you unlock your full potential with our eCommerce fulfilment services.”

Danum Fulfilment Services connects online retailers, warehouses and distributors and can offer the full package when it comes to end-to-end ecommerce fulfilment. Each client receives a tailored solution with a dedicated account manager, giving growing companies an affordable, customisable, and flexible alternative to the way they currently distribute goods.

They can take away the worries associated with having to find warehousing, staffing, or distributing your products, allowing you to concentrate on selling or storing your goods, regardless of the size of your business.  

Get ready to reach a global audience in a few clicks. Danum Fulfilment has everything in place to help you reach more customers in more place.

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