Danum Gallery, Library and Museum

The iconic new home for Doncaster’s Cultural and Learning Centre.

Danum Gallery, Library and Museum

A new £14m, iconic 21st century combined museum and library building has transformed how library and heritage resources are provided in the borough.

The new library building includes part of the remaining frontage of the former Doncaster Grammar School for Girls and is one of the borough’s most eye-catching buildings delivering the very latest cultural facilities and services for the benefit of Doncaster.

Keeping the element of the former girls school means we have preserved Doncaster's heritage. This was a once in a lifetime chance to transform a 1960’s building into something for the 21st century.

The plan sees three existing buildings (Doncaster Central Library, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery and the Library Services for Schools at Top Road, Barnby Dun) consolidated into one dynamic central hub that inspires creativity, informal learning and innovation. The previous museum on Chequer Road is now a storage facility for the new building.

This space supports the local and creative economy, by providing opportunities for young people, entrepreneurs, businesses and residents to develop skills that help build a successful career. The striking building also has the space and facilities to display exhibits which have been locked away from public view for years, including:

  • The famous Danum Shield
  • Royal Borough Charters
  • Heritage collections celebrating Doncaster’s proud history in railways, horseracing, mining and as a historic Roman town.

Did you know? Doncaster Girls' School was built in 1910 and extended in 1935. It merged with Doncaster Boys' Grammar in 1971 to become Hall Cross Comprehensive but was mostly demolished in 2013 leaving the frontage of the former Doncaster Grammar School for Girls.

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Last updated: 04 July 2023, 09:39