Men's wellbeing at work – Creating the space to tackle important issues

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  • Date:13th May 2021
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By opening the session to all, we begin to overcome barriers and give permission to the group to accept the challenges men face that may not be spoken about. The session is an honest introduction to the concept and the exercises and steps shared by Rob Taylor and Angga Kara will lead to immediate takeaways and actions for the group to practice.

Dads In Business & Men Up North and are helping Men and Dads in the workplace bring the best of themselves to work and at home.
In 2020 we carried out primary research into the impact of Covid on men and Dads. This research found the following key highlights that showed the productivity challenges at work:

  • 87% of felt distraction from work
  • 25% of respondents felt out of focus with work
  • 16% of respondents felt overwhelmed

When asked how Covid has affected their role at work the qualitative responses were that people felt ‘less productive’ and ‘lower motivation on work
We are creating a space for men and Dads to come and share their experiences at this powerful session. This session will help the men and Dad specific issues raised from our research and from the real life outcomes from what is a changed environment.
We are creating the space required to have open and honest discussions and coaching around key topics uncovered from the research to help develop and maintain your own work life harmony, to bring the best of you to work and at home but also remember a little more about ourselves too!
We invite you to join us for this session and gain an introduction to what we think are the blockers and challenges for men and Dads to speak openly but also some practical and tactical takeaways to help us manage ourselves better at home, and at work.
The sessions are led by passionate & experienced facilitators who thread in both theoretical and practical elements of learning.

More about the research and the full report is available here:


About the facilitators:

Angga Kara is an Executive Peak Performance Coach, TEDx speaker & Social Entrepreneur. 
He helps leaders navigate through periods of high stress and uncertainty. Re-discover lost zest for life and holistically develop inner-fire (resilience) & mental wellbeing.
He combines evidenced based methodologies with ancient philosophical wisdom to help unlock peak performance.
His clients list range from C-level executives & leaders, E.U. parliament politicians, successful business owners, athletes to celebrities.
Due to 3 of his male friends taking their lives in 2017, Angga has set up & lead MEN UP NORTH, a men’s suicide prevention charity and helping raise the level of self awareness for modern men utilising ‘Safe Space Conversations’ methodology that was developed due to the need to create psychologically safe space for diverse men. 
He personally led over 1200 conversations with men from the ages of 18-72 & engaged over 3000 people in conversations of masculinity, burnout, men’s mental health and diversity in corporates.
He is a Partner in LEADing Practice, the #1 provider of Enterprise & Industry Standards utilised by 21% of Fortune 500 companies.
He also sits on the SY:NC board, a city wide coalition of N.G.Os in Sheffield helping to reduce child exploitations into crime in the region.
Rob Taylor is an award winning business owner from Sheffield, England. In 2016, with a 2 year old boy and a pregnant wife, Rob was made redundant from work. It was this moment that triggered a journey in to self employment and running a business.

The following years have been a relentless journey into running businesses, supporting family, (trying to!) have a life and juggle what seems like a thousand balls with one hand.

Running a business and a family is hard, and this space has been set up to support others in this unique position to help overcome barriers and become better in business, better at home and a better parent too!
Dads In Business:


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  • 13th May 2021, 9:00am - 10:00am

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